International Organizing Committee at ICPDF ’23 (Jan. 3-9, 2023)


Chair: Jeong-Whan Yoon (S. Korea)

Co-Chair: Akhtar S. Khan (USA)


Members and organized Symposiums (Tentative):

TBA: “Multiscale Plasticity Mechanisms and Modeling: a Symposium in Memory of Hussein Zbib”

Sean Agnew & Curt Bronkhorst (USA): “Linkages Between Condensed Matter Physics and Plasticity”

Holm Altenbach & Tim Ricken (Germany): “Nonlinear Material Modeling and their Numerical Treatment”

Yinan Cui (China) & Giacomo Po (USA): “Multiscale Plasticity in Extreme Environment”

Yanyao Jiang & Bin Li (USA): “Advances in Understanding Deformation of Materials-Theory, Experiment and Simulation” in honor of Huseyin Sehitoglu”

Jean-Sébastien Lecomte & Yudong Zhang (France): “Deformation Mechanisms in Hexagonal Metals”

Valery Levitas, Dmitry Popov & Nenad Velisavljevic (USA): “Material Transformations and Plasticity”

Dirk Mohr (Switzerland) & Kaan Inal (Canada): “Machine-learning Based Modeling”

Ryan Sills & Remi Dingreville (USA): “Interfaces and their Roles in Plasticity, Damage, and Fracture”

Nima Rahbar (USA): “Mechanics of Self-healing Structural Materials”

Jose A. Rodriguez-Martinez (Spain) & Ankit Srivastava & Justin Wilkerson (USA): “High Strain-rate Phenomena, Dynamic Fracture and Fragmentation”

Stephan Rudykh (USA) & Konstantin Volokh (Israel) & Mikhail Itskov (Germany): “Mechanics of Soft Materials from Plasticity, Damage, Fracture, and Failure to Instabilities and beyond”

Yao Shen (China) & Jian Wang (USA): “High/Medium Entropy Alloys”

Valentina Salomoni (Italy): “Modelling of Geo-materials & Structures”

H. S. Udaykumar & Catalin Picu (USA): “Plasticity in Reactive and Unreactive Materials under Shock and Extreme Conditions”

Jian Wang (USA) & Huamiao Wang (China): “Characterization and Modeling of Plasticity of Metallic Alloys”

Zhutian Xu (China) & David Anderson (USA): “Characterization and Modeling of Materials for Advanced Manufacturing”

Xu Zhang (China): ” Multiscale plasticity of Strength–Ductility Synergy Materials”